Wednesday, November 29, 2006

yay! google

alright i can't sleep so i decided to type something up here. Since there is no one reading this i am not really worried about keeping up with it. things are going good for me so i decided to praise google a little bit and talk bunches about them.

google doc's and spreadsheets: 4.85 starred documents out of 5 starred documents.
  • pro's
    • its Google which means its free!
    • it definitely is a very useful way to store all of my documents and spreadsheets
      • which are now accessible from any computer
        • (I'm a little worried about privacy and security though, lets just hope that their motto sticks)

  • con's
    • spreadsheets have no ability to graph
    • because i use a laptop i can't always be on line if i want my documents while I'm off line i am SOL (gotta create SOMETHING to sync soon, crosses fingers and hopes that has something to do with the newly acquired jotspot)
    • it does something weird sometimes with the end product
      • ie printed documents turn out differently if printed through google then if printed through word and document saved as a word document is different then document
i even have plans to have it help in me review for school

well thats all the energy i have for reviewing today look for more on google when i review:
  1. gmail
  2. blogger
  3. reader
and other things not google related that i want to review
  1. lenovo laptop
  2. ubuntu linux
now i know that all zero of you that actually look at my blog care about what i say so please feel free to ask for suggestions about what you want me to talk about see you around!
this is a test of the google docs to blogger
here is a link to something cool

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