Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Apple Experience - Part 0

I have decided an Apple product and not an iPod. I purchased a Macbook Pro and I decided to write about my entire experience the good and the bad.

I have not yet received my Mac but since I had such a good experience, I am going to go over the purchasing of the product.

I walked into the Mac store just to check the product out and it was nice. The sales man did his job well and it is obvious they don't get paid commission. I wanted something that was only offered online and he pointed me straight to the website. I walked out buying nothing and feeling no pressure.

Purchasing online was a breeze and I even got some pretty nice financing options. I thought since I was getting something I might as well get something top of the line. I even spent $18 for speedier shipping. I am excited!

  • Quick. easy, and relatively pain free. I was even able to change the shipping address in less then 10 minutes (before the item shipped of course).
  • I have the feeling that what I am getting something top of the line and I will no longer have any of the woes that I have had with other computer purchases.
  • Price tag: I know I am getting something top of the line but still it hurts to think about how much I actually spent on this. I was able to use a $700 laptop for 5+ years my new laptop had better last! spending an extra $250 ish for better support later on almost added insult to injury but I still have the feeling this money not wasted.
  • I walked out the apple store with nothing! Come on guys what is the use of having a brick and mortar store if I am going to walk out of there with nothing? I am not saying pressure me into buying something i don't want but have what I want at the store. now I have to wait for shipping which brings me to my next point
  • even paying the extra for faster shipping I still have to wait close to a week to have my product and I am willing to pay more to have it shipped faster. I don't want to be patient I want my laptop NOW! *throws tantrum*
Side note: I am very concerned about being upset in a couple of months because they will come out with a better product and if I had only waited I could have bought it. Seriously I had a dream last night that could only be described as Steve Jobs dangling a I7 chip in front of me on a stick and having me chase after it.