Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are living in a digital world and I am a digital boy

Today my digital camera arrived in the mail. I am so excited I have taken bunches of pictures and these are the only one's I uploaded. Today we went around The Ohio State campus to test it out and made some video tours for grandma. If you want to be invited to see them drop me a line. Afterwards we went to shopping for gifts and to Ruby Tuesdays. Steak good tomatoes bad! Sleep is good for me now. More pictures and videos to follow soon!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello Again

I hate not updating this thing you know. I know it is a good thing to write down my thoughts or at least it is healthy to feel that I am creative in someway and that other people like hearing about my thoughts. Even though I know the only person who reads this is my fiancé, and that is only because after I make the post I email it to her, it makes me feel significant some how that my thoughts are out there for others to read. Not that I feel insignificant.

It is almost quarter to midnight now and I have to get up early to go to work. My schedule has changed a little and I am going in 2 hours earlier then normal and staying until when I usually go home. So basically it is 2 hours of more per day. And of course with the new schedule comes a new sleep schedule that my body has yet to understand. Getting up 2 hours earlier is not going to make me a happy man. Luckily, all this writing has made me sleepy.

Well, I am going to see if putting my head on my pillow will help me switch into R.E.M. mode better then typing into my blog.

Talk to you later Cyberspace and don't forget to let me know some how that you are reading this. It makes me feel even less insignificant.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Today is a good day!

W00t! I got my grade back from my business class and although I failed the final I got a B for the class. Yay for me! Not that I am tooting my own horn or anything. I wish my GPA would update on my grade report because I am kind of clueless as to see what it is. I got a couple of responses back for my job so I hope to be interviewing soon. The weather isn't improving and my days are getting more and more boring. I didn't do a whole lot of school work today but I can't work my butt off everyday. Gracie is doing better so today everything turned out ok. Which is a good thing. Well see you all tomorrow.

I have been on a roll writing in this haven't I?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

please give me money

Ok, I took a look at my bank account and I realized how broke I was. So I decided to brush up my cover letter and resume give it out to prospective employers. I hope to get hired but i get to play the waiting game now. Exciting (said sarcastically).

I was not a total bump on a log today. I actually did a little bit of school work. I even did some group work *shudder*. I dislike this session so much. you guys have no idea. I really wish my grades would post for last session.

I haven't reviewed anything technical in a long time so today I am going to review rememberthemilk.com. It is by far the best task list manager i have experienced to date.

The goods:
- multiple and customizable lists
- smart lists
- use of words for dates and repetativeness for example:
- saying a task is due next Tuesday it will change the date to what ever next Tuesday with out you having to figure it out for yourself.
- saying a task repeats every other Tuesday and it will add the new task after this Tuesday is finished and put it in 2 Tuesdays from that Tuesday
- selecting multiple tasks for editing
- free! for standard service
- twitter integration
- gmail integration (only for firefox 2.0+ )

the bads:
- no sub tasking ability( which i haven't seen for any other tasking program but i really want it)
- for advanced things they require a paid subscription

the uglies:
- there mascot is a monkey and there logo has a cow on it ( i know this isn't actually ugly but i wanted to have something here for comic effect)

I give rememberthemilk.com a 4.5 out of 5 check it out for yourself if you want an excellent task list application.

ok guys and gals that is all for now. see you later cyberspace!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

its cold again

ha ha another day of blogging its like three times this week. I must be going for some kind of personal record. Update from yesterday:Gracie's hair is starting to grow back although I am worried because she seems mopey. and still no grade back from my business and technology class which will give me my final GPA for semester and I will see my cumulative GPA which will hopefully go up a little. Which is good.

Yesterday, the weather was really nice and I was really looking forward to today being the same but it was not so. It made me sad and mopey like my cat. I at least walked a little yesterday but today I sat around doing nothing again today. I felt like a bum. Tomorrow I will do some school work though I need to do it buy end of the day on Wednesday.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Poor Gracie

About a month ago we noticed Gracie, our black cat, had a bald spot on her back right thigh. We thought nothing of it until it stayed for two weeks and got worse. We went to the vet and spent a large amount of money to test whether or not it was ring worm which apparently causes bald spots on kittens. The vet took a sample of her skin to see if it would grow ring worm, which is a fungus not a bug, a process that takes another two weeks. If you're keeping track that means that today we found out the results and it's negative for ring worm which leaves us still scratching our heads but our vet believes it is a possible food allergy. Since our cat enjoys licking herself on her bold spot, which make it worse, we have to put her in a cone around her neck. It is the saddest sight I have seen today. She is in an awful mood and she continues to run into things. I believe the cone makes it hard for her to fall asleep. Jojo, our other cat, is frightened out of his wits.

In honor of Gracie I have decided to make my first installment of cute thing of the week. Here it is:


when I saw it It made me go awwww.

I finally got my grade in my English class and its a C. I might have failed the final paper but it still gave me enough points to get a C which makes me happy. I should have done homework today.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh, I haven't done this in a month.

Ok I promise cyberspace that I will keep this up more often. I am currently on the couch in my Mothers house watching the movie Starter for 10. I currently hate it and I hope it gets better. Anyway I decided to write to stop having my brain melted from a comedy/romance/drama .. oh look kissing... must.. look away...

ok back to typing. Anyway the past couple of weeks have been crappy. I hate english classes and I hope I pass this one. Atleast I passed the Business class. This round of classes doesn't look any better. .. oh .. fighting.. friendship being lost... movie still sucks.... where was I. Oh, right this round of classes. I have a Technology, Society, and Culture class with a group project. Oh I love group projects. *grimace* Oh and there is a 30 page paper to go along with it... movie is still stupid. eye of the tiger is funny...

haha he cheated and did it badly.. dumbass.. Ok my other class is Project Management which doesn't have any group interaction at all. (I hope) Go figure. ... oh its the come back part of the movie ... oh it is definetly still stupid. .. my best class is the Architecture and Operating Systems with Lab (have to have that with lab there).. movie over thank god... oh and special features! they suck. this movie gets 1 out of 5. Because this wasn't the worst movie i have seen. That is saved for movies like.... can't think of a bad one off of the top of my head.

...long intermission... 20hr intermission

back to with lab class. This class is good because it is so easy. My first assignment was to open up device manager and print screen different properties of different devices. I have already finished it and it is not due until next Sunday at 2:00 AM.

Well that is today's update. I promise to update this more often.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rest In Peace Norman L. Steinberg

For those of you who pay attention to this and don't know it my Grandfather on my mother's side has passed away. He kept a lot to him self and although I did not know him as well as I wish I had I miss him very much and loved him as a grandson loves his grandfather.


I am sad now but it is ok to be sad. This is one of those steps everyone must go through and as my grandmother says "It is over."

Monday, January 07, 2008

Looking Back, Looking Forward

If I haven't told you yet, Happy New Year Everybody! 2007 has come and gone. There have ups and downs and all kinds of wonderful things happened last year that I can't wait to see what happens in 2008. I have made a timeline to highlight some of the events that Breanne and I want to share with you. You can view it at:


Wonderful things that happened last year are:

  1. May 5th, Engagement: A long romantic weekend filled with working, cleaning, watching movies and a proposal that I couldn't even hold past the salad.
  2. Frogs and Cats: the acquiring and passing away of some of our small friends.
  3. The Passer Reunion: It feels so good to see and meet our family members.

Now, let's stop dwelling on the past and look towards the future. 2008 brings a whole slew of new wonderful things to be looking forward to. Here are a few:

  1. March 15th, Grandpa Abe's Bar Mitzvah: Seeing more family members and Breanne seeing Elmira for the first time.
  2. June 7th and 8th, Breanne's Graduation: Breanne will be graduation from the Nursing school at OSU with a minor in disability studies.
  3. Breanne and I moving back to Cincinnati Ohio where Breanne will get a wonderful job and I will continue to take online course work at Devry.
  4. Will we set a date?

Breanne finished the Winter 2007 Quarter with A and A- and is really looking forward to her OR clinical at Mt. Carmel. I finished Fall 2007 Session A at Devry with an A and 2 B's and I am looking forward to graduating May 2009(ish).

Ok that's all for us over here in Columbus.