Thursday, March 04, 2010

class dismissed

I am finding it harder to read today. but I forged on a head. and I almost forgot to write about it. Here is the only thing I read today and only because I force myself to read it to write somethin here today.. enjoy or not... I know are actually reading this. it's interesting though. It turns out they are integrating cellphones in the classroom. If you can't beat'em join'em mentality I guess.

seriously how much was i yelled at about having my cellphone in class and now they are handing them out. Am I the only one who sees that the old way of learning is not a good way doing things?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

google italia

here is an interesting article about some controversy that is going down in Italy Involving one of my favorite companies in the world!

in summary: students at a school in Turin, Italy filmed and then uploaded a video to Google Video that showed them bullying an autistic schoolmate...[and then ].. a public prosecutor in Milan decided to indict four Google employees —David Drummond, Arvind Desikan, Peter Fleischer and George Reyes (who left the company in 2008). The charges brought against them were criminal defamation and a failure to comply with the Italian privacy code

but Google did comply with the privacy code so everybody is scratching their head about it. and there is slippery slope talk being thrown around. All in all this is a sad turn of events in internet history.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Writing about Fruit

Since I have been talking about this company a lot recently I might as well write about what I read about them. Of course I am talking about apple which recently announced a new product iPad. Immature jokes aside I have a feeling this product is going to sell really well. If iPod touch sales are any sign of how much people really like paper weights then this is going to sell like hot cakes!

The writer talks about Google in the article's title but only mentions the company a hand full of times.

on a side note my laptop is finally in the US!... Alaska! yes After spending a day to travel through china it makes it way into the states by way of Alaska. It's not even one of the continental United States! Oh well it is estimated to be delivered at 10:30 am tomorrow and has some 4K miles to go! if it was being driven than it would have to go 200+ MPH to get to me by then so I have a feeling it's in the sky now thinking of me as fondly as I am thinking of it.

I hope Laptop's don't get jet lag!

Monday, March 01, 2010

I am not illiterate, I swear!

One of the greatest critiques that I have of myself is that I don't read enough. I used to read all of the time but something clicked in my head a few years before High school and now I can't pick up a book without dreading the concept of having to actually flip through pages to learn information. I feel stupid looking at my wife's almost filled library where I only have one shelf filled mostly with Comic books. I know she has read most of those books and the last novel that I read all the way through was Harry Potter and I didn't really enjoy it. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the escape of reading the book, it took me three days to finish which is quite a feat if you know how big some of the Harry Potter books are. I just thought the plot was awful and the characters were too whinny and afterwards it left the same bad taste in my mouth that stopped me from reading years ago.

But as I mentioned in the title I am not illiterate. I can write! ...badly in every sense of the word write ... and I can read! ... I just choose not to...

I am going to prove that I am not illiterate by forcing my self to read and I am going to share what I read here. No I am not going to read novels. I hate reading novels. things like plot and setting bore me to tears. I realized that I read articles on the internet all the time and while I don't have a library like my Love to show off my novel prowess I do read as much as she does. I just don't have any way to prove it. This is not me me proving to you that I can read more than my wife. This is me proving to myself that I am not illiterate, I swear!

First up is an article from the red tape chronicles. say what you want to about MSNBC this article is educated and well written. Bob Sullivan puts into plain English a very upsetting new trend in computer viruses. Although it is a scary subject the article is not about fear mongering and offers some nice tips on how to avoid the viruses and what do to if you get infected.

My Apple Experience - Part 0.5

My Laptop has been shipped yay! and it only has to make it's way to me from... Shanghai...China... No wonder my Laptop is taking forever to get here! Really Apple? China?! Could you have picked a farther away sounding country? Nothing is more upsetting to an impatient American waiting for something to arrive then to hear it is in China. I shudder at the thought of how long would have it taken to get to me if I hadn't paid extra and how much of what I am buying was made in China? Is the only benefit to the US of me buying this product go to Apple Stockholders and FedEx for shipping my product?