Tuesday, March 06, 2007

many things to talk about today

First off, For those of you don't really know me. I have a physical disability, its called cerebral palsy. It doesn't affect me a whole lot but its there. The reason for this sudden confession is that every year I have to take a driving test, the same one you do when you first get your license from beginning to end, to prove to the state that I am a competent driver and until my Doctor approves a document in which he states he thinks I am a competent driver. My doctor has yet to think I am a competent driver so i have had to take the test about 8 times now. Would you still have your license if you had to pass the driving test again? Well I took the test this year on Friday and passed with a very good score and I wanted to share the good news with everybody.

Secondly, my disability affects my writing skills, I know how to write well its just illegible. To take exams in college, because college isn't about preparing you for work its about taking exams, I have to go through the Office of Disabilities Services just like all of the hundreds of other students at OSU with disabilities. Because of all of these people taking all of these tests and because of the lack of space in ODS, ODS moves exams schedules around to fit their needs and the ODS gods have not smiled on me today. On March 13th, the luckiest day in march, I will have to take both of my extremely difficult Finals. I am not looking forward to this at all especially since they start at 7:30 AM.

Finally On a similar note I have decided to cut out all caffeine but i have had a sudden urge to drink a coke. I have not found a single place that has non-diet caffeine free coke. the grocery store only sells them in 12 packs and all want is one small can! I can't win!

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