Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2cute 2sday

For those of you who know me my sense of cute is a little distorted. When I saw this on April 28th 2008 I knew I had to blog about how cute it is. It took me a while but I am posting it now…

Some of you might find this more sad then cute but look at those eyes!

Too cute!

Oh, here is a linky to the page.

I am an avid follower of ICanHasCheeseburger.com and probably most of my 2cute 2sday postings will come out of it. What is 2cute 2sday? Well if I am going to blog everyday I might as well have theme. Tomorrow is WTF Wednesday.

Still no grade up but I am feeling better about it. Not that I think I actually passed but that I am more willing to accept my crappy grade. All I can do is move on. Work was ok today yesterday I was told I was going to get an assignment that I wanted to work on today and it was scrapped even before I got into work . So sad.

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