Friday, August 18, 2006

Google Code Jam 2006

Oh, Shit! a competiton for coders? (click,type,click) YOU'RE REGISTERED!!...What have I done?

In my boredom I have forced myself out of my shell and have started to compete in something! Do I have what it takes? Can I handle another ego blow if I lose?

I tried to compete in the Google competition with the puzzles in the Davinci Code thing I was sure i was a shoe in for that and nothing :(

But this is different! I can do this.. wait.. only 1,000 winners go on! OH no! I can't be in the 1% of the coders that try for this. but maybe I am. Do I have the confidence to even try for the first competition?

What if i win! I would feel so smart I wouldn't believe it. 1% of the people that tried and I get chosen. Oh I can't stand the pressure why can't it be September 5th, NOW!

WAIT!.. topcoder competetion just for college students! (click,type,click) YOU'RE REGISTERED!!... Oh, Shit! What have I done?

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