Thursday, August 17, 2006

Review for Windows Vista (Beta) - 3 outta 5 and thats not really it's fault!

Yay! for Windows Vista (Beta)! I haven't had this much fun poking around a $10 OS in a long time. Although it feels kinda stuck in here with not a whole lot of drivers to support my hardware or software to run it on (It makes me feel like i am using an old Mac!).


  • Fancy graphics such as this thingy and this other thingy
  • New and less confusing looking start menu
  • more games!
  • Those fancy graphics eat up way too many reasourses
  • Software isn't supported for Vista yet
    • Itunes doesn't support a 64 bit OS! bad Apple. BAD!
    • Google pack only supports XP!? Do i see evil in googles midst?
Alright so I have no idea how to give a good technical review for things but i try. Over all I really like the new OS and i hope that as soon as people start making software for it Vista will be a vision of tomorrow!

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