Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Whatever Happened to the Computer Geek?

Have you seen what the PC has done? Look around you and you'll see those that "think" they know everything about a computer. Yet, all they do is read e-mails, make spreadsheets or documents, or make a blog and they have gull to call themselves Computer Geeks!

What ever happened to the non-socialite, goofy looking person who knows everything about technology or sci-fi and nothing about anything else? I'll tell you what! The one thing that only they were good at has become "mainstream"; so, they have been forced into other cultures ways of life. I hardly know anyone anymore who I can say is truly a Computer Geek.

First, I will talk of those whom I have seen on a daily basis and call themselves Computer Geeks. One of which i have seen shopping at of all places Abercrombie and Fitch. They talk about all the parties they got drunk at, all the women they've gotten with, and how much they would like to go to a sports event. Most of them play GOLF!.. Golf for crying out loud. This isn't geek behavior and yet they "work" with access and know its shit compared to any other Database creating/editing program. I hear them talking of networking protocols and i do believe they could pass a programming test. 10-20 years ago and you wouldn't hear of such things being said about the same persons. Some of them after "working" in front of a computer all day say they can't stand it anymore and wont do anything in front of a computer. for the rest of they day!

There are no longer just Computer Geeks anymore and I feel as though i am a dieing breed of person who wants to learn Assembly just so i can say i know how to write in assembly. Or one whom hardly sees the light of day because they have been sitting in front of a computer for most of it.

Yet the Internet is in high demand and computers are being sold for dirt-cheap. Strangely, enough though the demand for tech jobs is still rising even though it rated many times as the top five jobs to be in. They are so high that the people they are hiring are shit that think because they know a little SQL or can point and click they're way through a form tutorial in visual basic that they have a clue what’s going on.

Finally, I ask all of you true Computer Geeks to rise up again against the oppression and do not conform away. Go back into your closet and find your pocket protectors and get your shirts that need them. Take out those contacts and find your huge glasses and wear them proudly. Tuck away those dreams of getting that blond girl whom asks you to do her math homework. It's not flirting, she's that stupid. Chose your hero's based on brains not brawn (or the amount of money they have in their pocket) and remember whom shall really inherit the earth!

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