Wednesday, February 07, 2007

another thought for today

wow two thoughts in two days i must be on a roll! Ok, todays thought is ..
.. yes thats a good thought. you can wrap them around meat on a stick, you can smother them in butter, you can even tie them in a string to keep away pancake demons
anyway. today all in all was a good day. my Hebrew midterm went smoothly. i think/hope that i got a good grade on it. we shall see though. I had yummy Chipotle which made me happy and that pretty much has been my day. i have an exciting math quiz tomorrow over work and l'hopital. why do we need to solve problems in which people don't really care unless your an engineer. oh well I am at work again and then i get to eat dinner and got to sleep with my love and then i get to wake up tomorrow and go to work even more and then a math quiz. so I am excited for the next 20 hour with all the fun thing i have planned. the best thing is that i will get to spend time with my love. the thought of her now brings a smile to my face.

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