Tuesday, February 06, 2007

my thought for today

apparently i haven't been having very many thoughts lately. Because this is my the place i put my thoughts and i haven't been writing in here recently. but since i have a headache now and can't study, i have decided to write a little in my blog

Today was going to be extremely busy but i cut it down a little by rescheduling something important so i am not happy about that. I am at work now. work sucks, especially when its in the proximity of math and physics. I really don't want to calculate the work done in moving a particle, I really don't care. although integration by parts is pretty nifty. Its like solving a puzzle. i like puzzles...thought train derailed .. math! right.. ok wtf is with l'Hopital. i definitely don't care about him.

Anyway.. I have a bible studies midterm tomorrow and thats something i don't want to study for. Stupid studing. My brain is already mush. random text color change . today for lunch i had a hot pocket(R) philly steak & cheese sub and it was tasty for about the first 3 bites of the first sub. after that it started tasting nasty and i wasn't even able to finish the second one. tomorrow i will have my weekly chipotle for lunch and i am excited for it.

i think thats all for now.

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