Thursday, February 15, 2007

my brain officially hurts

yes it is official. there is pain in my brain. it is caused by math class. Mathematical things have been flowing in and out of my head. and its hard as hell when it take so long to type this stuff out. Computerized equation editors are so not user friendly.

Yesterday, was Valentines day. there were good things and bad things.
Good thing: It snowed so much that school was closed
Bad thing: it snowed so much both cars got stuck in the snow
Good thing: My Love and I were dressed nicely
Bad thing: Shoveling the car (without a shovel, yes we shoveled with anything we could find, including a now broken rake) while nicely dressed. For me not so bad, but my love had nice shoes and no socks. It was bad.. she was very upset and one step away from going into don't touch me phase.
Good thing: I was able to surprise my love with a reservation at a fancy restaurant and she enjoyed her foods.
Bad thing: The foods I ate did not agree with me. For the rest of the night so i got a $120 stomach ache that i will probably get again when i consume leftovers tonight.
Good thing: We got to the restaurant and came home with out much trouble on the roads
Bad thing: To get the car back into a spot he had to purchase: salt, shovels (in which they were out of Snow shovels at the lowes we went to therefore we had to purchase regular shovels), boots for love (because in all her pairs of shoes she has zero snow boots, also there were no snow boots in dsw, or target (even though they had bathing suits), we ended up having to go to Wal*Mart), and a bucket bringing the nights total to over $150.

update: the leftover were fine! and my love gave the night a 6 out 10 for the whole experience and a 9 out of 10 for the dinner.

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