Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh, I haven't done this in a month.

Ok I promise cyberspace that I will keep this up more often. I am currently on the couch in my Mothers house watching the movie Starter for 10. I currently hate it and I hope it gets better. Anyway I decided to write to stop having my brain melted from a comedy/romance/drama .. oh look kissing... must.. look away...

ok back to typing. Anyway the past couple of weeks have been crappy. I hate english classes and I hope I pass this one. Atleast I passed the Business class. This round of classes doesn't look any better. .. oh .. fighting.. friendship being lost... movie still sucks.... where was I. Oh, right this round of classes. I have a Technology, Society, and Culture class with a group project. Oh I love group projects. *grimace* Oh and there is a 30 page paper to go along with it... movie is still stupid. eye of the tiger is funny...

haha he cheated and did it badly.. dumbass.. Ok my other class is Project Management which doesn't have any group interaction at all. (I hope) Go figure. ... oh its the come back part of the movie ... oh it is definetly still stupid. .. my best class is the Architecture and Operating Systems with Lab (have to have that with lab there).. movie over thank god... oh and special features! they suck. this movie gets 1 out of 5. Because this wasn't the worst movie i have seen. That is saved for movies like.... can't think of a bad one off of the top of my head.

...long intermission... 20hr intermission

back to with lab class. This class is good because it is so easy. My first assignment was to open up device manager and print screen different properties of different devices. I have already finished it and it is not due until next Sunday at 2:00 AM.

Well that is today's update. I promise to update this more often.

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