Thursday, March 06, 2008

please give me money

Ok, I took a look at my bank account and I realized how broke I was. So I decided to brush up my cover letter and resume give it out to prospective employers. I hope to get hired but i get to play the waiting game now. Exciting (said sarcastically).

I was not a total bump on a log today. I actually did a little bit of school work. I even did some group work *shudder*. I dislike this session so much. you guys have no idea. I really wish my grades would post for last session.

I haven't reviewed anything technical in a long time so today I am going to review It is by far the best task list manager i have experienced to date.

The goods:
- multiple and customizable lists
- smart lists
- use of words for dates and repetativeness for example:
- saying a task is due next Tuesday it will change the date to what ever next Tuesday with out you having to figure it out for yourself.
- saying a task repeats every other Tuesday and it will add the new task after this Tuesday is finished and put it in 2 Tuesdays from that Tuesday
- selecting multiple tasks for editing
- free! for standard service
- twitter integration
- gmail integration (only for firefox 2.0+ )

the bads:
- no sub tasking ability( which i haven't seen for any other tasking program but i really want it)
- for advanced things they require a paid subscription

the uglies:
- there mascot is a monkey and there logo has a cow on it ( i know this isn't actually ugly but i wanted to have something here for comic effect)

I give a 4.5 out of 5 check it out for yourself if you want an excellent task list application.

ok guys and gals that is all for now. see you later cyberspace!

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