Monday, March 03, 2008

Poor Gracie

About a month ago we noticed Gracie, our black cat, had a bald spot on her back right thigh. We thought nothing of it until it stayed for two weeks and got worse. We went to the vet and spent a large amount of money to test whether or not it was ring worm which apparently causes bald spots on kittens. The vet took a sample of her skin to see if it would grow ring worm, which is a fungus not a bug, a process that takes another two weeks. If you're keeping track that means that today we found out the results and it's negative for ring worm which leaves us still scratching our heads but our vet believes it is a possible food allergy. Since our cat enjoys licking herself on her bold spot, which make it worse, we have to put her in a cone around her neck. It is the saddest sight I have seen today. She is in an awful mood and she continues to run into things. I believe the cone makes it hard for her to fall asleep. Jojo, our other cat, is frightened out of his wits.

In honor of Gracie I have decided to make my first installment of cute thing of the week. Here it is:

when I saw it It made me go awwww.

I finally got my grade in my English class and its a C. I might have failed the final paper but it still gave me enough points to get a C which makes me happy. I should have done homework today.

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